1. Regular and punctual attendance, diligence in work in the class and the performance of home tasks are sufficient to enable the student to make progress.

2. Absence from school must have the reason and signature of the parent/guardian in the regularity Record.

3. During all activities and outings the school takes all necessary care and precautions. Yet in spite of that if an accident or mishap occurs, the school is in no way held responsible or liable.

4. Remarks by parents/guardians will be made to the Principal in person or in the Contact Sheet.

5. The school will hold no responsibility for untoward conduct, accidents, death etc. of teachers, students or workers outside the school premises.

6. Mobile phones, i-Pods, MP3 Players, Pen drives etc. are strictly forbidden in the school campus. Parents must ensure that their wards do not bring mobile phones to school. If your ward is found carrying a mobile phone etc. the same will be confiscated and will not be returned. In case of emergency, a student may approach the school office to speak to his/her parent with the permission from the Class Teacher. No student will leave the school during the school hours or during lunch break, without the permission of the Principal. A gate pass will have to be taken from the office in case of urgency.

7. Students are bound to make good any damage done to the school property or library books.

8. Students are not permitted to raise funds or give gifts to the members of the staff.

9. Students must be careful with their belongings. The school is not responsible for the lost goods or money. Parents are advised not to give money to their children except for a specific reason.